Exporting project management templates

Q: I downloaded the MPMM free project management trial software and I might be interested in buying the Professional version but I would like to know if in the real version I can generate the templates I need in a Word document format. Can you please help me?

A: Yes after you purchase the MPMM project management software you will be able to export all of the project management templates, forms and checklists into Microsoft Word and Excel for use on your projects. You can also create new project management templates using Microsoft Word and Excel, and import them back into MPMM to create a single store of project management templates for projects. In this way, you can create and use all of your project management templates from a single location. You can also link your templates to the project management methodology processes already included in MPMM, as well as create customized project management methodologies if you wish.

The MPMM Support Team

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