Exporting Project Management Life Cycle in a Trial Edition

Exporting Project Management Life Cycle in a Trial Edition

Question: I have trialed the standard edition and tried to export a template to see how effective that is. The trial version has not allowed me to do so, is that the norm? Also can you advise how I manage the following scenario: I export a template and personalize it to the company standard, can I then save it as a template back into the standard edition package so that it is available again as a template but now customized?

Answer: The trial versions only allow the exporting of 3 templates being the Business Case, Terms of Reference and Feasibility Study. The reason is that if people could just export the templates while on trial, a lot of people would not bother to actually purchase our product. With regards to your second question, in the MPMM Professional edition you can export templates, customize them to fit your current project environment and load them back in as you wish. Download the latest trial edition of the MPMM Professional online project management life cycle to try it.

The MPMM Support Team

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