Export Project Management Methodology Templates

Did you know you can Export Project Management Methodology Templates…

That you can easily export project management methodology templates from MPMM, into Microsoft word or Excel? Using the “Export” button on the top right hand side, you can export any project management methodology templates included within MPMM, into the relevant Microsoft Office product. To select and export project management methodology templates, click on the “Template” tab at the top and then select your chosen template on the left hand side, in the navigation panel. Then click on the “Export” button and save your template to your PC or file server. From there, you can open the project management methodology template in the most suitable Microsoft Office application and complete it for your projects. You can use these templates for as many projects as you wish, however they are primarily licensed to the valid user of MPMM.

Project Management Templates are only included in the MPMM Standard and Professional editions. Within the Professional edition, you can also find additional templates for Procurement, Supplier Management and the issuing of tenders for work.

The project management methodology templates included within MPMM are high quality and have been created by real project managers, for us on real life projects.

The MPMM Support Team

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