Evaluate the Implement Project Management Methodology Service

Evaluate the Implement Project Management Methodology Service

There are three components of this service to evaluate:
– Implementation. Is the methodology reaching everyone who needs to use it? Is it easy to understand and to apply?
– The methodology document. Is the structure and content of the methodology sufficient to improve project management templates in the organization so that the PMO meets its strategic goals?
– The methodology in use. If the methodology sits on a web site unused, it will not lead to changes in project management effectiveness or efficiency.

There are four useful methods for gathering feedback from stakeholders:
– Web-based surveys. These surveys can be used particularly to ensure that everyone who would benefit from familiarity with the methodology is aware of it and has access to it. They can also be used to assess response to the methodology.
– After-class surveys. All training classes should be followed by a survey of the students assessing both the content of the class and the course delivery.
– Feedback on every page of the methodology. Every page of the project management software document – whether on a web site or in an electronic document – should have a mechanism allowing any reader to submit a question or change request.
– Controlling activities. Project reviews and audits evaluate the methodology in use. If the methodology is not coming easily into use, then either implementation, the methodology document, or incentives for compliance need to be improved.

All the information from these feedback mechanisms should be given to the PMO Methodology Expert, who logs them into the Methodology Maintenance Schedule. The PMO Methodology Expert should reply to every individual who requests clarification or a change and provide appropriate customer service.

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