Enterprise Project Management Programs

The enterprise project management or EPM programs are a very specific type of programming used in the business world. When it was first introduced, an EPM program was designed to only handle one project at a time. Over the years, it has developed into a multi project program.

The purpose of enterprise project management is to monitor, manage and evaluate the current status of each and every project that an enterprise consists of. This system is intended to be used by large corporations that have large scale projects too numerous for a standard project management software program to handle.

Included in the newly developed versions of the enterprise project management programs are the methodologies of PRICE2, PMBOK or the principals of IPMA to be used as a guide for industry wide acceptance. This will also give the companies that utilize this type of program a baseline for their project managers to judge their success and allow for certification of their projects.

The developers of the enterprise project management program have not stopped there. Since the programs have been so successful, their use for predicting the future when it comes to projects is now being conducted. This allows for multiple possibilities to be planned out when a company is planning for the future. Also taken into account with this type of planning are the different types of economic atmosphere the industry might be experiencing in the coming year.

Because of the growth the enterprise project management programs have experienced, the platforms that host them have also expanded. With multiplatform systems, corporations have been able to use multiple vendors for their hardware, which have given them more freedom than before. When a platform is only based on one vendor’s components, they have more control over the cost of the system. This is uncompetitive and drives the cost of operating such a system upwards.

The businesses that are now using the enterprise project management program do include the global corporations, but they are not the only ones. Other national companies are finding this approach to handling their digital business needs advantageous and are implementing the EPMs into their business plans.

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