Editing your Project Management Methodologies

Latest Release Feature – Project Management Methodologies

Having created a suite of new project management methodologies in MPMM, you will want to edit the content of each methodology page over time. To help you do this we have built in a new text editor, which allows you to edit any item of content on any page within a project management methodology of your choice.

The editor allows you to change the page text (e.g. by changing the bolding, italics or font), align the text, add or remove tables and add formatting to the content.

You can also add links to other pages within the same or different project management methodologies. Not only can you add a textual link, but you can insert a diagram onto the page and have it link to another page within your methodology, once selected.

You can also specify the Summary text for the page (to be displayed on the “Summary Panel”), as well as add “Index Terms” and “Related Pages” where relevant. You can also edit this Project Management Software and these Project Management templates.

The MPMM Support Team

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