Duplicate your Project Management Methodology

Latest Release Feature – Project Management Methodology

To enable you to manage your project management methodology effectively within MPMM, we have included a “Duplication” feature. The purpose of this feature is to copy (or duplicate) an entire methodology and give the new duplicate methodology a unique name. There are two primary instances in which you will want to use this online project management feature.

Firstly, when you want to customize the content included within MPMM you will need to create a duplicate first. The reason is that we have protected the core MPMM project management methodology, so that you will always have at least one unaltered copy for later reference. So if you wish to customize the core MPMM methodology itself, then create a duplicate of it and then customize the duplicate. You will then end up with a completely customized methodology, as well as the original methodology for later use.

The second instance in which you’ll want to create duplicate project management methodology is when you have a solid core methodology, but you want to tweak it for a certain project. For instance, say your core project methodology had a step in it which required obtaining funding from stakeholders, but for the current project you already had the funding you needed to get started. In this case, you might want to duplicate your core project management methodology and remove the “obtain funding” step, so that it is more relevant to your current project at hand.

Of course, you can duplicate any and as many project management methodology as you wish, at any time in the project management life cycle.

The MPMM Support Team

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