Documenting the Project Management Process

It is the documentation of the project management process that leaves a history of what was done and how it was accomplished for use in the future. This is not only required by most business, but a good idea so the same process does not have to be recreated in the future, thus saving time by the project manager.

The project management process for each project will entail the creation of 11 different ones. These include communications management, acceptance management, procurement management, issue management, risk management, change management, cost management, time management and the overall project management processes. Each one as a specific purpose in helping the project manager deal with the undertaking of all the tasks they will have to do that are involved with a project.

To help the project manage with all of the documentation of the each project management process there are programs readily available. These have a detailed outline on just what should occur within each process during the course of a normal project.  The better programs will not only help you devise a success process, but also give you real life samples so you can have an idea of just what might be encountered during your project execution phase of its life cycle.

As part of each project management process there should be a monitoring function. This allows the project manager to be aware of any problems or bottlenecks as they are occurring. This will reduce the reaction time so a positive resolution of the problem can be derived at.

Change is a part of life and every project. The one fear many project managers have is when the change project management process is modified by unauthorized personnel so the scope and goals of the project are now unachievable. This is sometime referred to as scope creep. To prevent this from occurring, a documented path for the proper approval and implementation of all changes has to be in place.

The documenting of a project management process is the only way for it to be known and followed correctly. All eleven processes in a project must be done so the outcome of a project can be a success.

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