Different Project Management Methodology Users

Some MPMM Questions Asked by MPMM Trialists

What is the limitation of the MPMM Project Methodology Software (upper ceiling project price)
The upper ceiling price for the MPMM Project Methodology product is $4800 for an Enterprise license. However single user licenses are just $495 per user. The cost per user decreases as the number of users increases.

Are all building construction processes and areas of knowledge included there in the MPMM Project Methodology?

All of the processes included are relevant to the building industry. However there are no “specialized building processes” included.

What is the level of detail adopted in the MPMM Project Management packages for the building construction domain?
Approximately 20% of our customers are in the building industry, so the package suits the building domain perfectly.

What is a budget? Why is cost and estimation important in project planning?
A budget is an amount of money that is allocated to the project. Estimation is important, because without it, it’s impossible to set the budget.

What is planning, monitoring and control important in projects? Please explain its importance and application with examples of the tools and techniques relating to a chosen project.

There is a wealth of knowledge on the subject. We would suggest trialing MPMM at http://www.mpmm.com/free-project-management-software-professional.php and viewing our case studies and examples. We also have another offering ProjectManager.com that is specific Web Project Management Software that enables you to plan, monitor, track and control your projects

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