Different Project Management Life Cycle

Tip…Why Project Management Life Cycle are Different

Here are a few tips about a project management life cycle. Project Management Life Cycle is different than other types of content displayed within MPMM project management life cycle, as they are not just content that you read, they are real-life living documents that you export into Microsoft Office and fill-in to create a project deliverable.

Within MPMM, we have two copies of each template; a copy that you view (in HTML format) and a copy that you export (in Microsoft Word or Excel format). The reason for having two copies of each project management life cycle is that the best quality document format for viewing is HTML and the most practical format for exporting is Microsoft Word (or Excel). In that way, you can view high quality documents, and still use them practically within your project.

If you have the Professional Edition of MPMM, then you will notice the differences even more. The reason is that by using the Methodology Manager, you can create your own project management life cycle. When you create your very own project life cycle, you can import a project management life cycle you currently use for projects, into MPMM. When doing this, you will save an HTML version and a Word version of each template to be added to the MPMM database.

So yes, templates are different than other types of project management life cycle content. But they look and feel the same, when viewed within MPMM and within Project Manager.com’s project management software.

The MPMM Support Team

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