Difference Between Project Life Cycles

Difference Between Project Management Life Cycle Editions

Q: Can you please tell me what the difference is between the MPMM project management life cycle Standard and Professional editions? I need to buy a license for my professional consulting organization and I would like to know which project tool is most suitable for my needs.

A: If you would like to see the full difference between the Professional and Standard editions, then you can visit this page. To help you out, we have summarized the differences between the two project management life cycle editions here. The code difference between the two project management life cycle products is that the Professional edition comes with the Methodology Manager, whereas the Standard edition does not. The Methodology Manager allows you to create, customize and import your own project management life cycle for your projects. There are other differences between the two editions. For instance, the professional edition comes with the complete suite of project management business case studies, and it also includes more project management life cycle content and online project management templates than the standard edition. For your consulting business, the Professional edition offers much greater functionality and content than the Standard edition.

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