Dialog Boxes in your Project Management Process

Tip…Turning Dialog Boxes Off and On in MPMM Project Management Process

Have you noticed that there are a variety of dialog boxes which are displayed in the MPMM project management process Professional edition? For instance, when you choose to delete a project management process, delete a page or restore a backup, you will often be presented with an informational or warning message that helps you to double check that you are certain you want to complete the action chosen.

If you are an experienced MPMM project management process user and you would like to turn these informational or warning messages off, then on the message itself you can select “not to display the message in the future”. That way, every time you delete a methodology (for instance), you don’t have to then select “Ok” on the subsequent Warning message displayed.

So what happens if you tick to hide the warning messages, and you later want to view them again? You can easily restore all of the warning messages that you have selected not to view, by clicking on the Settings button and clicking “Reset Optional Dialog Boxes”. This will re-display all of the warning boxes that you had chosen to hide prior.

You can do this by using these project management tools or this project management software.

The MPMM Support Team

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