Development Methodology means Structure

The term development methodology is used when the structure of the process to control information is being developed. Many businesses need to use this or are using a framework of this type but do not always know its proper terminology.

The use of development methodology has been around for many years since the need of formally documenting the processes of a project is a necessary part of the modern business world. The first use of this terminology began in 1969 with structured programming.

Unlike a good deal of other terms and process in project planning, the use of development methodology is mostly used in reference to software programming. This now permits for a framework to be established as a baseline so commonalities can be used for future applications.

From the development methodology has spanned many different approaches to projects and how they travel thru their lifecycles. This is includes the linear approach of the Waterfall methodology, the use of iterative framework as in Prototyping, and the combination of the two called Incremental.

After some time a new type of development methodology was created called Spiral which again took a different approach but used both linear and iterative approaches to its framework. Also created was Rapid application development which is based off of iterative framework.

There was still something missing that would make the most out of the specific type of users who where creating software applications. This is why in the 1980’s the Agile methodology was created. It makes the most of independent programmers by allowing them greater freedom than the more traditional approached that exist in the types of methodologies that were available. This is an iterative approach but uses collaboration to a greater extent than ever seen before with the team members organizing themselves and incorporating cross functioning teams.

With this new development methodology, the speed and complexity of the new programs that are being produced are reaching new milestones. This is the path this type of process is going and will continue to follow for the foreseeable future.

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