Development Methodology is all about the Life Cycle

The development methodology for your project can take the form of a life cycle. This will have four distinctive phases to it each with their own part to help make the progression of your deliverable from its initiation phase to a solid conclusion.

From a project manager’s point of view, the use of a development methodology is a positive way to set a clear path for your current project to follow. The processes are all laid out in advance of proceeding to execution phase so most of the possible issues and risks of the project have already been investigated. This makes the production part of your project run smoother and more effeicent.

As part of any development methodology, the list of tasks that need to be completed is already made for each process when you move to the execution phase of the project’s lifecycle. This is because it was completed in the planning stage. With this list that will be linked to the necessary resources needed for each, the project team can progress from one tasks to the next without any hesitation.

The way many project managers use the development methodology is similar in the direction of a set of instructions to a puzzle or model. Each process is laid out in the order in which it is to be accomplished. This allows for the finished product to take form and be ready for delivery as expected. It also helps to guide the project team to what needs to be accomplished next. This is very helpful in assisting the project manager to be effeicent in the way he manages the time of their team members.

When using a development methodology software program, they will come with templates and examples to assist the project manager make the right decisions when it comes to creating the project plan for their organization. In most instances this program will follow the international standards of PMBOK and Prince2 so your deliverable can comply with the regulations of your target audience.

The use of a development methodology is to help guide the project manager and their team on a path to success. This will allow for a quality product to be produced on time and in budget when followed correctly.

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