Deleting Project Management Methodology

Latest Release Feature on Deleting Project Management Methodology

As you become more familiar with MPMM and start using it to create and customize your project management methodology for your business, you will grow a reasonably large number of methodologies for managing projects. Each project management methodology may even be 95% similar to the last, but may have a few tweaks to allow for specific circumstances that are particular to the current project that you’re managing.

As your list of your project management methodology gets larger, the need for managing them gets greater. You don’t want to be so swamped with methodologies that it creates confusion amongst your project manager team as to which particular project management methodology they should follow, for which project. Also, you don’t want to swamp your team with project management processes, which slow down progress and stifle project execution.

The key is to have a handful of methodologies which are applicable to most projects you undertake. So it’s fine to create a new methodology for a specific project, but if you’re not likely to use that methodology again after the project is complete, then you’re best to either Export it to a location on your PC (as a backup for future reference), or delete it.

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