Define Stakeholders, Project Management Processes, and Outputs

Define Stakeholders, Processes, and Outputs

When the Key Service Features and Benefits and Activity Matrix sections of the Online Project Management Service Plan are complete, the team that will provide this service is ready to complete preparations for launching the service. To complete preparations, the team:

– Identifies customers and other stakeholders for the Improve Project Management Processes Service and puts the information into section two of the Service Plan.
– Defines the specific processes and outputs of the Improve Project Management Processes Service using the schedules, checklists, and Project Management Templates provided for this service. These documents can either be kept as separate files or incorporated as section three of the Service Plan.
– Defines how the Improve Processes Service will be evaluated and improved, and places this information in section four of the Service Plan, and also in the Service Evaluation Schedule and the Service Improvement Schedule.

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