Customizing your Project Management Life Cycle

Customizing Project Mangement Life Cycle

Q: I am reviewing the trial version. Does the package allow you to totally customise existing project templates and add new templates that match my business requirement into the various phases of the project management life cycle?

A: Thank you for your question and for trialling MPMM. Firstly, we have released a new trial edition of MPMM which includes more visible content for customers. Now, to answer your questions:

  • “Does the package allow you to totally customize existing templates in your project management life cycle?” Yes definitely. There is an “export” button near the top RHS of the product.
  • While it is not active during the trial edition, once purchased, you will be able to export any of the templates included within MPMM into Microsoft Word and Excel. In the latest release, we have added functionality which also allows you to load personal templates back into MPMM, to use it as your personal document store for projects.
  • Is there a possibility of viewing some of the templates?” If you select the “Templates” button, we have made several templates visible (e.g. the Business Case template) to users. While you can’t export them without purchasing a license, you can see what they are like. The key thing is that the online project management templates closely match the content in the Project Management Life Cycle pages of the tool. For instance, the tables in the Business Case template are closely aligned with the tables in the Business Case page on the Lifecycle tab.

The MPMM Support Team

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