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Are you a Project Manager? The latest version of MPMM professional offers you a variety of ways that you can create and customize project management methodologies, to improve your project success rates. Firstly, you apply the MPMM project management methodology, as it is, for your project. But as a project manager if you have specific project requirements, then you may wish to customize MPMM (by creating and customizing an MPMM duplicate) to perfectly fit your project environment.

You can then use the MPMM project management templates included, to build project deliverables quickly and easily. If you already have a suite of templates that you use to manage projects, then why not upload these templates into MPMM? In that way, you can create and manage a single set of online project management templates for projects. You can also link these templates to your relevant project management methodology, to create a super set of tools and templates for your project.

The MPMM Support Team

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