Creating a Project Management Methodology Index

Latest Release Feature – Creating a Project Management Methodology Index

In the latest edition of MPMM, you can create and customize your very own project management methodology for your projects. You may end up creating methodologies which contain dozens, if not hundreds of content pages describing the project management methodology.

So once your new project management methodology is complete, how can you ensure that you can access the right information quickly and easily, when you need it – without having to look hard for it? The answer is with the Index and Related Topics.

When you create each new project management methodology, you will want to assign Index terms to every methodology page you create. These terms are added to the MPM index so that later when you’re looking for content to help you manage your project, you can simply select the most appropriate term in the Index for your methodology and the relevant content pages will immediately be displayed below.

And when creating your new project management methodology, don’t forget to assign Related Topics pages to each new methodology page you create. The Related Topics pages help you to group related pages together, so that when you’re reading content about a particular project management topic, each of the topics related to it are immediately available to read as well. These Project Management Templates and Project Management Software can also assit you in this.

The MPMM Support Team

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