Creating a Multiple Project Management Methodology

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If you’re a Project Manager, PMO Manager or Senior Manager, then you will no doubt be involved with managing multiple projects within your business. It’s fair to say that every project you undertake will have slightly different requirements from the methodology that guides it. For some projects, they will require more risk management, others will require greater monitoring and control, and others will have varied reporting needs.

It’s impossible for a single project management methodology to meet the needs of every project that you undertake. To cope with this variety of requirements, MPMM allows you to duplicate the existing project management methodology and customize each duplicate, so that you can have multiple project methodologies at your fingertips.

The most common reason for creating a multiple project management methodology is that managers are involved with small, medium and large scale projects which have different methodology needs. So they create 3 duplicates of MPMM, one for each project size. For smaller projects, they “strip” the methodology down to the bare bones so that the methodology is minimal, but sufficient. For the medium sized projects, they retain all of the core project management processes, but remove surplus activities which may not be required (such as supplier management or procurement). For larger projects, they often leave the project management methodology as it is, but add a additional project management methodology and activities to it.

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