Create your Own Project Management Process

Latest Release FeatureCreate your Own Project Management Process

In the latest edition of MPMM Professional, you can create a brand new project management process for your projects. Within this project management process, you can create a suite of methodology content pages, processes and online project management activities. You can then either create the content for each page in your new project methodology from scratch, copy it from the MPMM project management process or upload it from your in-house methodology used for projects.

Once you have entered, copied or uploaded your content into each methodology page, you can link these pages together to create a single project management process. This process along with project management templates and case studies created within your new methodology, form a complete methodology for projects. By creating a brand new project management process in MPMM, you can ensure that you implement project management processes which perfectly fit your project environment.

The MPMM Support Team

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