Copying and Moving Project Management Methodologies

Latest Release Feature on Project Management Methodologies

You can now copy and move pages between project management methodologies. Before this latest release of MPMM, the project management methodologies was fixed. You could read it and apply the project methodologies principles, but not edit the methodology pages. In this latest edition, we go one step further by enabling you to create whole new customized project management methodologies of your own. When you create a new methodology, we suggest that you use as much of the existing content provided by the MPMM project management methodologies as possible. In this way, you don’t have to create hundreds of new methodology pages from scratch.

When creating new project management template, use the Methodology Project Manager to copy and move pages from the MPMM methodology, upload content pages from documents and processes and that may already have in place, or create the content pages from scratch.

The MPMM Support Team

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