Content in Project Management Methodologies

Question: How does MPMM Enterprise work, in terns of being able to publish methodologies to our intranet? Is it related at all to a Project Management Dashboard?

Answer: Actually, the content and features included in MPMM Enterprise are exactly the same as the Professional edition, with two exceptions. It includes an open user license to use the software on as many PCs as you need, within your organization. And secondly, it includes the feature which allows you to publish your content on your intranet. You simply create customized methodologies in the software itself (as you would in MPMM Professional) and when you’re ready, you click “Tools” and then “Export to Web” and MPMM automatically collated all of the content within your methodology and publishes them as a folder full of HTML files. You then copy those HTML files onto your intranet in a shared folder and hey presto, everyone can read your methodology automatically. It’s that quick and simple. And it offers customized Project Management Tools as well.

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