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Are you a project management process Consultant? If you are, then you will gain enormous value from using MPMM for managing your client initiatives. In the “Tutorial for Consultants” included in the MPMM Professional Edition, you can read about how to use MPMM to market to new clients and win more consulting work. You can then use it to formalize the consulting contract, create the deliverables and manage your projects from end to end. In this tutorial, you will also read about using MPMM to perform reviews and audits.

What is not mentioned though is that you can actually use it to create your very own project management process consulting methodology. You can either customize the MPMM methodology to fit your consulting environment, or upload your existing consulting processes and methods to create a single project management process for projects. You can then export your methodologies and send them to those of your clients who use MPMM, to upload.

Any by joining our Reseller Program, you can earn profit from reselling MPMM licenses, and earn revenue from selling your own project management process using MPMM.

You can also be an affiliate for these Project Management Kit Templates and also will soon be able to resell this Project Management Software.

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