Construction of MPMM Project Management Methodology

Did you know…Project Management Methodology

How MPMM is constructed? To enable us to give you the ultimate flexibility with this project management methodology, we have created MPMM using the Microsoft project management software development platform called “.Net” (ie dot net).

This platform allows us to create relatively complex features and present them in a simple, easy to use manner. For instance, in the Professional Edition, the way that you copy and move pages between project management templates using the Methodology Manager, looks quite simple. But behind the scenes, there are a suite of very complex processing transactions that need to take place to move a page along with all of it’s links, related topics, index terms, search fields, embedded links and images, over to the new target methodology.

Another interesting fact is that we use MySQL to store the MPMM database information. This enables us to give you a hugely scalable platform, within which you can enter large amounts of project data, without having to implement a commercial database solution, such as Microsoft SQL Server (which incurs additional licensing fees).

By using .Net and MySQL, we can continue to build a project management methodology platform that it flexible, scalable and suits most project managers operating environments.

The MPMM Support Team

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