Choosing your Project Management Process Home Page

Tip…Choosing your Project Management Process Home Page

When you first load MPMM, the opening page is called the “Home” page. If you have the Professional edition of the MPMM project management process, then you can choose which page loads as the home page and what the content of that page displays.

To chose a different home page to the one currently displayed, open the “Methodology Manager” and select the methodology that you wish to choose the Home page for. Then after choosing your project management process, select the page that you want to have as your new home page, select “Edit Page” and then tick the box “Make this the Home Page”. Only one page can be your Home page in each methodology, so if you choose a new page to become your Home page, then the page that was previously your Home page will be deselected.

Remember that not only can you select which is your Home page, but you can also edit the content on that page. Most users want to on their home page their Company logo and briefly describe what the purpose of the methodology is and who to contact for questions or training.

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