Changing project management template layouts

Q: I would like to be able to go into the MPMM project management software and create layouts for all of the templates in there. For instance, I would like to create a new project template layout including my own font and heading styles as well as my own page titles and company logos. I would then like to be able to apply these styles to any selected templates that I choose. This way, as a project management consultant, I can apply certain template styles to certain clients. I can then spend my time focusing on filling in the project management templates, as opposed to creating them and organizing their layout. Is this possible?

A: Until the release of Windows Vista and Office 2007, these types of feature requests were almost impossible. However with the release of these new technologies, it is now possible to do what you have asked for. The only consideration is that most of the MPMM project management users are still using Windows XP and Office 2000 (or prior) so we will need to wait another six months until we release this functionality to give our user base time to upgrade to these new technologies.

The MPMM Support Team

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