Project Management Process

Ten Steps to Manage Issues on Large Projects

Issues are more than just common problems. They are problems that meet specific criteria. An issue is a formally-defined problem that willimpede the progress of the project and cannot be totally resolved by the project manager and project team without …
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Five Options for Project Start Dates

One of the characteristics of a project is that it is a temporary endeavor. In other words there is a start and end-date. This seems simple enough until you start to try to define exactly what these dates mean. Is
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Five Project Management Mistakes, Mistake 3

Mistake #3: Not Keeping Schedule Up-to-Date

Many project managers create an initial schedule but then don’t do a good job of updating the schedule during the project. There are trouble signs that the schedule is not being updated.

  • The project

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Six Reasons You Need a PMO

We all have many wants in our lives but only a handful of needs—food, clothing, and shelter being the top three. Similarly, companies may want many things, but really only find a few things absolutely necessary for survival. A Project …
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Using Project Management Process Groups

By using a number of project management process groups to assist the project manager in the next business venture, more can be accomplished in less time. The best way to utilize members of your project team for this application is …
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Utilizing Project Management Process Groups

The manner in which you use your project management process groups will determine just how useful they are at contributing towards your next business venture.  These are specialists in your project team that make significant contributions to the project planning …
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The Purpose of a Project Management Process

The main purpose of a project management process is to define the exact tasks and actions that will be taking place for the goals and the scope of the project to be achieved. In all, there are nine separate but …
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Applying Project Solutions to your Business Venture

By applying project solutions to your business venture to help you solve your problems or deal with issues is a productive process for improving your success rate. For many this means finding a solution to a problem after it has …
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