Project Management Methodology

Five Project Management Mistakes

#1: Inadequate Planning

I have heard project managers say that the time they spend planning could be better spent actually “doing the work”. This is not right. Before the project work begins, the project manager must make sure that the
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Branding Your Project

Branding is a more sophisticated form of marketing communication. The purpose of branding a project is to associate an emotion or a feeling with your project. This is exactly what marketing people try to do when they brand a product. …
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Ways to Judge Project Success

Projects that nail the triple constraint are not necessarily a success. Conversely, projects may be deemed successful without satisfying the triple constraint. Ask yourself the following four questions to determine whether or not your project can rightly be judged a
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Quality Improvement with the Six Sigma Methodology

The level of quality improvement with six sigma methodology will vary with each organization that uses it. It has a goal of allowing only 3.4 defects for every 1 million items that are produced. This goal is not realistic for …
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Development Methodology Software

The use of development methodology software today is popular when setting out on a business venture. This approach to developing a revenue stream has proven to aid in the completion of tasks, along with making efficient use of time.

One …
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How Using A Project Management Methodology Can Help You

The reason a project management methodology approach to your next business venture can be beneficial is similar to having instructions on how you can make money. The detail which the right methodology can provide for your organization, while it is …
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Life Cycle Methodology

The life cycle methodology is one of the most efficient paths you can take for your business opportunity to follow. This methodology is useful in the business world because of its nature. It deploys the most efficient means for a …
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Systems Development Methodology for Practical Use

A systems development methodology for practical use within your organization will help you achieve your goals faster, and in a more efficient manner. Using one that is custom made for your organization is the best path to make this a …
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