Enterprise Project Management

Dealing with Troubled Projects

Every organization will have to deal with projects that are under-performing, over budget, behind schedule — in a word troubled ! We identify 2 very specific things that organizations need to do in response. The first is immediate and the …
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5 Things a PMO Should be Doing Now

Project Management Offices (PMO) are defined by their ability to deliver value to their organizations or clients. As PMO organizations mature it becomes harder for them to demonstrate their business value to the organization. Below, we have identified 5 things …
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The Methodology Behind the Enterprise Project Plan

The methodology behind the enterprise project plan has not always been the same. This concept was first used for only large scale projects because of the vast amount of resources and data that were included in its execution. Today that …
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Using an Enterprise Project Program to your Advantage

By using an enterprise project program to your advantage your organization has already taken a positive step to helping this business venture to succeed. To do this the project must be in budget and delivered on time. The goals and …
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Using an Enterprise Project Management Program

When using an enterprise project management program you are organized and prepared for any transition your project might need to become a success. The main reason this type of software program was developed was so a single system could properly …
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Enterprise Project Plans can be Easy

The use of the term enterprise project plan was intended to emphasis that the project itself was on a large scale and very complex. While this is still true, the software to conduct the enterprise projects has found other uses.…
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Deployment of an Enterprise Project Management System

The proper deployment of an enterprise project management system will help your project manager perform their tasks to a more efficient level than ever before. This is a large scale program that can be mounted on a large computer system …
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Enterprise Project Program is taking the Complexity out of a Project

The use of enterprise project programs has been to help deal with the complexity and complicated structure of large scale operations. Many in the vertical industries think this is an exclusive feature of their business sector, but it is proving …
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