Buying Project Management Process Templates

Purchasing the Right Project Management Process

Q: I was wondering if I could purchase the project management process templates separately from the MPMM package?

A: If you just want to purchase the MPMM project management process templates and you don’t want to get the methodology, case studies or customization features, then you can buy them at

Q: Is your online project management process supported on the Microsoft Windows ME Home Edition?

A: Yes MPMM will run properly with the home edition of Microsoft Windows ME.

Q: I am currently a student at college campus and I have to do an assignment in which I calculate the Net Present Value (NPV) of three different projects. Can I do this within MPMM?

A: MPMM does help you to calculate the return on investment for projects (by clarifying the benefits and costs in the Business Case), but it doesn’t go to the level of calculating the NPV of a project (as it is a statistical measure). To help you out, we’ll send you a suite of links that direct you to websites that describe how to calculate NPV and therefore allow you to accurately measure your projects for your project management assignment.

The MPMM Support Team

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