Business Software Development Methodology

The modern software development methodology is the base framework that is used to plan out and control the developing process of an informational system from a software engineer’s standpoint.

There are three standard types of software development methodology that have been in use since the computer age matured. These are Prototyping, Waterfall, and Spiral. They have been very successful when applied correctly. But like with all process, new ones emerge. The latest is Agile.

The Waterfall model was one of the first to be applied to the development of software. This was back when programs were small and not nearly as complex as they have evolved into today. The software development methodology for this is a linear process that starts with the requirements of a program. Then, the software is written and debugged. It is then implemented to check that it works properly and is verified. After that, only routine maintenance of the program is needed.

Prototyping software development methodology follows the same principles that many inventors have used for centuries. As the name suggest, they develop a prototype to see how it works. As each prototype is created, it is tested to see if and where the faults lie. When found, a new prototype is designed to eliminate this fault and then retested. This is done until the goal of the project is completed and a working model is achieved.

The Spiral software development methodology uses the same principals of the prototype, along with more design input before moving on to the next stage. This methodology has 4 stages which repeat themselves until the final goal is achieved. These stages are planning, analysis, evaluation, and development. This is a continuously developing process to refine the software until a program is developed that achieves the goals of the project.

The last and newest software development methodology is called Agile. This is a system that deploys the use of several teams that collaborate together. They are self-organizing and disciplined to achieve the final goal together. Because of all the input with the methodology, many inspections and adjustments by the project manager are needed to keep the goals of the end project on track.

When deciding on which software development methodology is right for your project or team, look at the complexity of the program and the abilities of the team. These two factors will help you to determine which methodology is right for your project.

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