Benefits in a project management process

Q: What are the benefits in using a project management methodology and process for managing projects?  My projects currently have limited success, some of them are delivered on time but they are frequently over budget. How will MPMM help me?

A: All truly successful project managers know that it is better to “work smart and not hard”. While delivering a project is always hard work, working smarter means less stress and pressure which is more likely to result in a successful project. To help you work smart, the key is to complete the right tasks, at the right time and in the right way. That is how MPMM helps you. It tells you what to do, when and how. Yes it does have an incredibly comprehensive list of project management templates as well, but the most significant value from it is in the project management life cycle section which describes how to compete projects in a repeatable, successful fashion. This saves you real time and effort and helps you to focus on the critical tasks required to deliver your project on time and under budget. It is not “project management software” or a “project management process”, it is an entire “project management methodology” and tool set for projects.

The MPMM Support Team

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