Becoming a project management reseller

Q: These project management tools are very good and helpful. I am in South Africa. Do you have dealers on this side of the world?

A: Thank you for your positive feedback about MPMM, it is nice to know that you are getting real value from it. We recently released our Certified Reseller Program online, enabling project management consultants and project management trainers primarily to join up to become a reseller of MPMM to their clients. In becoming a reseller, they can create their own online project management methodologies and distribute them to their clients (for a fee of course). We currently have a dozen resellers in South Africa, although they are typically small consultancies who are focusing on reselling MPMM to their existing clients. You would certainly benefit from joining the reseller program if you have clients that might be interested in improving their project management processes in-house.

The MPMM Support Team

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