Backing up a Project Management Life Cycle

Did you know that with a Project Management Life Cycle you can…

That you can backup and restore MPMM content? This feature is provided in the MPMM Professional Edition, as it allows you to backup the project management life cycle customizations that you’ve made to your product. When you use MPMM Professional to create new project management life cycle, add your own existing project management life cycle or customize the existing MPMM project management life cycle, it stores unique data in your methodology project management software. This unique data should be backed up from time to time, so that if you ever have a problem with your MPMM installation, accidentally make changes that you didn’t plan to or replace your Pc, then you can restore your MPMM data to your new installation.

To backup and restore your methodologies, select the “Settings” panel (using the Settings button on the top right hand side) and use the “Backup MPMM Data” and “Restore MPMM Data” buttons.

Make sure that when you restore a previous methodology, you are ready to do so, as it overwrites all of your current MPMM data and replaces it with the data that you have restored from.

We suggest that you perform backups on at least a monthly basis. If you’re a frequent MPMM user and you create and customize your project management life cycle on a more regular basis, then you may wish to backup your data on a weekly basis instead.

The MPMM Support Team

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