Auto-generation of project management templates

Would you like to keep all of your project management template in one place and update them all at the same time with the click of a single button? You will shortly be able to compete this using MPMM. We are currently building project management software functionality within the MPMM tool set which allows you to update all of your templates at the same time, with generic information such as the project details, company log, and document layout. You will also be able to auto-generate a set of project management templates specifically for your project. For instance, you will be able to generate a suite of templates that are specific to small, medium and large scale projects. The auto-generate function will allow you to create a suite of project management templates that are relevant to your particular project with the click of a single button. You will then be able to update those templates with generic information about your project, on the fly – saving you time and effort. This feature will be released within the next 6 months.

The MPMM Support Team

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