Agile Methodology is used to give Freedom for Develop

The agile methodology was created because the current methodologies of the time were too restrictive to give the software writers the type of environment that is necessary to achieve their goals. With a less structured approach to regulating the team’s daily work and more on achieving the goals in a particular time frame, greater production is obtained.

This is the purpose of the agile methodology along with every other methodology being used by the business world, increase productivity without increasing the costs to the company. This allowed for more creativity to be used by the software engineers in tackling the problems they face when developing a program for the virtual world.

The reason the agile methodology is so helpful to the software engineers is they can now attempt new approaches to programming along with paths that will allow them to possible achieve their goals. Unfortunately for the programmer, trial and error is sometimes the only way of knowing if the script they write will perform as intended, which can be time consuming.

The approach agile methodology uses is not for every business and certainly not for the manufacturing sector that requires a stiff adherence to schedules and tasks to be completed as a team. This is an individual’s methodology that fostered creativity on a time scale that is independent of regular working hours.

When deploying the agile methodology, a project manager must have the confidence in their team members that they will be disciplined enough to meet the necessary deadlines without fail. This way the individual freedom to work so they can achieve their best work can be maintained and the project still progressing towards a scheduled conclusion. This dedication and discipline must always be displayed by all involved. Just like another team, they are only as strong as their weakest link.

The agile methodology is a well structures path to follow that allows the best of a tram and their abilities to shine thru. It can also lead to disaster if one to more team members is not reliable.

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