Agile Methodology is for the Software Industry

The agile methodology is the very first methodology that places people before the product. It is formulated to take advantage of how people in the software industry work and think in the efficient manner. The bases for this approach to developing a project are a combination of intuitive thinking along with incremental development of the project.

The agile methodology came into existence officially in 2001 when the need was noticed and finally recognized that the software industry was dramatically different than any other product made by man before in history. This was in part due to the fact that this type of product was to exist in only the cyber world and not the physical world.

The agile methodology is the perfect approach for those that develop software since it gives them the freedom to explore the possibilities need to solve the complex problems that they are asked to complete. This type of work can be done at a company facility, but most business allow for their creative minds to work from mobile units like their homes. This permits input into the required program at all hours of the day.

The agile methodology and the work that results from this aspect of the business world are partly from knowing how software works. The greatest discoveries are more often than not from inspiration that just comes to the programmers. This can come at any hour of the day or night. This is why it is so important to give these creative minds the flexibility and freedom that is not seen in other methodologies in the business world.

Along with the need for being creative, the agile methodology also needs the individuals to be disciplined. This methodology still has deadlines that must be met in order to the final product to meet its goals and scope set out by the stakeholders.

With more freedom and flexibility of the creators, the agile methodology conforms to the way this industry works most efficiently. Without it the time and effect to produce the complex software packages that are being produced would take considerable longer and not be as advanced are they are today.

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