Agile Methodology for the Digital Age

The agile methodology was created to fit a particular need in the ever expanding use of digital programs. The need for a change from the many other types of methodologies that were being used by other business sectors in the past was because of the type of workers that were now part of the project team. A great deal of the work with the development of software programs comes from inspiration, just like an artist. For this reason the same logical approach used to manage a project with engineers would not be appropriate or constructive in nature.

The agile methodology allows for a greater degree of freedom for the project team members. Some of them work great under pressure and wait till the last moment to finish their section of the programming.  They are the ones that take the old adage of an “all nighter” to the extreme and really do work till dawn just to finish a program and make it function as expected.

The iterative approach of the agile methodology is what has seemed to work best for the project team members to use their creativity to its fullest and be productive. It also encourages the use of collaboration between the different project team members. In most instances each team member has a separate task to complete. The end project will be the combination of all the different components of the software and have it functioning as one. To do this in the most efficient manner, the team members must do some work together. This methodology encourages this type of team work and will reward all that make a contribution in this manner.

With the less structured approach of the agile methodology, more programs can be created in less time with fewer bugs in them than with any other type of methodology that is currently in use today in the business world. This allows for an increasing number of programs to be ready for the global market place so they can begin to capture that all-elusive revenue stream from the general public.

Offered by Brent Westland

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