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What’s the difference between Method 123 and Method 123 Project Management Methodology?
Thanks for getting in touch. As you have pointed out, we have 2 product offerings: The Method123 “Project Management Kit” and MPMM. The differences between the Project Management Kit and MPMM Project Management Professional are as follows:

Support team Response

– The Project Management Kit includes the complete suite of templates needed to deliver projects. MPMM also includes the same templates, as well as an entire project management methodology. The methodology tells you how to deliver projects, step-by-step. So it takes you through the Project Management Life Cycle and describes how to complete it successfully.
– In addition to providing you with a methodology for projects, MPMM also includes a complete suite of practical examples for projects. So for instance, where the Project Management Kit includes a template called a “Business Case”, MPMM includes the same template – plus it tells you how to complete it in depth and it includes a complete practical example of a Business Case for a sample project. That way, using MPMM, you can see how this template was completed for a real-life project. MPMM helps you complete all of the steps in the Project Life Cycle quickly and efficiently. So it’s a much superior product, to the Project Management Kit.
– And lastly, MPMM includes smart software which allows you to create and customize methodologies of your own. This is the only software in the world that allows you to create a new methodology, customize the existing methodology and import new methodologies of your own, as you wish.

I hope that provides a sufficient explanation of the differences between the two. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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