Adding Project Management Methodology Page Links

Latest Release Feature –¬†Adding Project Management Methodology Page Links

When you create a new project management methodology page, you will usually want to link that page to another page within the same methodology so that it becomes part of the overall project manager process.

With the release of MPMM Version 3.0, adding links has never been easier. Simply select the text that you wish to create a link from, and then click the link button on the top right hand side of the Methodology Manager editor. Using the link button, you can create a textual link to another page within the same project management methodology, another page within a different project management methodology or even link to an external website. Then when you save your page changes and view your project management methodology, you can click the link to be routed automatically to the target location.

Advanced users will notice that you can also select an image that you have inserted onto a page, and make the image itself a clickable link as well. To do this, insert the image into the correct location on your page, then click the Link button and choose your target link location.

Adding links to other pages helps you to integrate your new page within your overall project management methodology and project management tools.

The MPMM Support Team

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