Adding Images to your Project Management Methodologies

Latest Release Feature – Adding Images to your Project Management Methodologies

In the latest version of MPMM, you can now insert images into all project management methodologies page that you choose. Most Project Managers upload their existing images which describe the project management life cycle for their particular organization. As long as it’s a jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp or png file, you can load the image into any project management methodology page within MPMM.

By using the Professional edition, you can open the Methodology Project Manager and use the “Insert Image” button in the page editor, to insert an image into a specified location on your page. As well as adding general images from your PC or file server, you can also add images that are already included within MPMM itself. So if your image has already been loaded into MPMM but it resides in another project management methodologies, then you can select the methodology that the image resides in and insert it into your page. You can also preview the image before you insert it, to make sure that you insert the correct image.

In some cases, you may also wish to use the image placement settings, which allow you to align the image in the centre / left or right on the page. These settings also allow you to place the image with a specified size, in terms of the image width and height. And finally, you can add “alt text” to an image, which is displayed when you however your mouse over it.

The MPMM Support Team

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