A Checklist for your Project Office Set Up

The project office checklist is an organized way to make sure your installation of the new project management office program is installed correctly. This will allow the users to take full advantage of all the processes and documents that are included in this type of software program.

The reason there is a project office checklist that accompanies the project management office program is the fact that this is not a simple little program that just needs a CD to be placed in a computer and downloaded. This is a complete management type system that has many requirements.

The first item on the project office is to help you check your current infrastructure to make sure it will support this program. This will allow the full potential of the program to be realized by the users once it is up and running. By having right equipment and tools in place, the installation can be done more efficiently than if the PMO team is having to wait on items that can takes days and weeks to arrive.

There is also a section on the project office checklist that will help decide who should be on the PMO team and what their responsibilities will be. This dividing up of the tasks that need to be accomplished will make the entire transition to this new business routine easier and less complicated.

To help with the installation process of the project office program are examples of the roles the team members will be taking on. There are also examples of the standards the team members will be using when they are implementing the different processes that are assigned to them as tasks. This will be n invaluable reference source that is easily and quickly accessed by the PMO team members. This will illuminate the need for searching for answers in most instances.

The project office checklist is the fastest and least complicated way to have the project management office program installed and up in running without your organization. This will allow for the PMO to become a part of your daily business routine faster and help to make your entire business compliant with the standards and regulations your clients demand from you and your products.

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