3.0 Project Management Methodologies Out Soon

3.0 Project Management Methodologies Out Soon

MPMM project management methodologies Version 3.0 will enable you to create a completely customized Project Management Methodology for your project environment.

You will be able to:

  1. Customize the existing MPMM Methodologies
  2. Upload and customize your project management templates
  3. Create methodologies for each project you undertake
  4. Merge your project processes with MPMM’s processes
  5. Import your existing project methodologies
  6. Create your project process workflows
  7. Apply your own project terminology
  8. Share methodologies with others
  9. Build your own Project Roadmap
  10. Create new case studies

This new version will be perfect for:

  • Project Managers wanting to apply a consistent method for proejcts
  • Consultants needing to apply a repeatable method for completing client assignments
  • Trainers wishing to create customized training courses
  • Project Teams wanting to create project deliverables quickly
  • PMO staff neeing to monitor and control projects

MPMM project management methodologies V3.0 is due out by early December 2006. Watch this space…

The MPMM Support Team

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